[OT] Dead Video and no keyboard

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 06:37:57 CDT 2010

On 08/21/2010 11:21 AM, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Richmond Mathewson-2 wrote:
> Is this the point where I try to find a computer engineer?????
> No, this is the point at which you make a Hackintosh!
> Peter

Actually I am at the stage where my sense of humour has worn very very thin
indeed; I have to get tge bl**dy machine functioning again; and having 
had a day
of "fun" at the Bulgarian customs being charged an extra $40 dollars to 
get my
'import' from the USA just to get my expensive video card I am very 
close to tears.

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