[revMobile] could not play sound

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 09:35:24 EDT 2010


Thank you! You were right. Have to use the RevMobile plugin's "Add
files". And the files played simply with "play", so no need for
getting the specialFolderPath.

However, this "Add files" solution is not ideal. What I'd prefer is
what I do with my Windows/Mac versions -- namely, I use Rev's "load"
command to pre-fetch a group of files from the internet, and then,
when done, use "unload" to remove them from the cache.

And this preferred way does work with image objects in iPhone/iPad
apps built by Rev. For these, I can successfully set their filename to
an url. Wish I could do the same with sound files!

Perhaps for sound files what I am after are the "put url" and
"libUrlDownloadToFile" commands described in the RevMobile PDF doc
(the "Non-file URL access" section).


(1) I am an unclear how to work with files in this way -- download the
file, retrieve the path to that downloaded file, and then refer Rev
objects to that downloaded file via the retrieved path?

(2) I am worried about memory -- will the downloaded file remain even
after the app is closed?

Anyway. Glad I could at least get sounds to play.

Nicolas Cueto

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