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Wed Aug 18 00:38:55 CDT 2010

--- On Tue, 8/17/10, I wrote before my first mug of coffee:
> --- On Tue, 8/17/10, Andre Garzia
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> wrote:
> > 
> > Why not use shell("stat <the file>") to acquire
> the
> > information?
> > 
> > 
> Hi Andre,
> It looks like "stat" has the advantage over "ls -l" when it
> comes to displaying the complete user and group name - my
> user name is "janschenkel" which is cut down to 8 characters
> using "ls -l" so that's not a workable solution.
> The reason to avoid a shell call to stat is simple: calling
> it for each individual file in a big folder could prove an
> expensive operation, while a simple mapping method should
> suffice to convert 501 to "janschenkel" when you're already
> using the detailed files.

Thinking it over, we could build a caching mechanism and only fall back to "stat" if we don't have the id in our cache already. 
Poirot shall investigate :-)

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