Can't get to first base with 'do as VBScript'

Mark E. Powell runrev at
Tue Aug 17 17:53:33 EDT 2010

I am on Windows, Rev 2.9, and trying to use VBScript to do some Outlook stuff.  I know almost no Visual Basic and have never invoked VBScript from Rev, so please consider me a simpleton.  

I've put sample code into a field and used the basic call

  get fld "Statements"
  replace CR with (quote & " & vbCrLf & " & quote) in it
  do it as VBScript

In all the samples I have tried I get the result "execution error".

Question 1:  can anyone tell what I might be doing wrong, based on what I have described?

Question 2:  Is there is an extremely elementary "Hello World" type validation code snippet that I could use to test basic execution?

By the way, the alternateLanguages returns this:



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