[OT] Dead video card

David C. davidocoker at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 15:28:44 EDT 2010

Bob Said:
> I have always maintained that IT obsolescence occurs not when there is something
> different on the drawing board or the local computer store shelf, but when what you
> have can no longer run software or operating systems that are on the shelf today.

Sad but true.
I personally came kicking and screaming into the world of GUI based
software (Windows) and was otherwise quite pleased to be using just
plain DOS up until I could no longer purchase anything worthwhile at
the big name computer stores.... In fact, I went from daily use of a
Commodore C-64 to DOS 6.22, directly to Win 98.

Happy to say that I missed all previous versions of Windows and never
have liked the one's I've been stuck with even at that.

Best regards,
David C.

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