cross platform drawers

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue Aug 17 02:49:38 EDT 2010

Recently, Monte Goulding wrote:

>> If you were open to modifying your design, you could build the drawer as a
>> group within your mainStack -- a pane that opens inward from the left edge,
>> instead of outside the mainStack.  True, this would temporarily obscure the
>> controls of the mainStack, but it would solve a multitude of challenges that
>> you'll probably face when trying to implement an actual drawer.
> Hmm.. I can't do that without modifying revStandaloneSettings and that's going
> to cause maintenance issues. I'll see what it feels like with palettes on
> windows but I may need to come up with a plan b...

Monte, I took a closer look at your screenshot and it seems you're "tacking
on" to the existing standalone builder (I thought at first it was your own
creation).  If you're not handling the mainStack in your design, then
probably none of my suggestions apply.  Maybe a drawer type approach isn't
even necessary -- perhaps just a separate add-on window that "knows" about
the standalone builder would suffice.


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