Is it possible to copy and paste html links from a browser, orMS Word, into a Rev app?

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Would you mind trying copying from ms word? I have a hunch that microsoft is at the heart of my plight.

Thanks Jacqueline
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 MS Word, into a Rev app?

On 8/16/10 5:33 PM, Jonathan Lynch wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
> I tested this.
> It is not retaining the link information, either from MS Word or from IE 8.
> This is true both with RunRev 4.0 and RunRev 2.6.1 - those are the only
> versions I have to test with.

Okay, this time I actually tried it. :) I have an extension in Firefox 
that allows me to copy either plain text or html text. I copied a 
selection as html.

In Rev: set the htmltext of fld 1 to the clipboardData["text"]

That works here.

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