Trouble Setting Cookies

Andre Garzia andre at
Sun Aug 15 19:35:37 EDT 2010

> Go to
> This page has a one-button form that sets a cookie by calling a script
> called sSetCookie.irev.  The cookie's name is testCookie and it's value is
> 666.  Here is the script.
> <?rev
> put "Set-Cookie:" && "testCookie" & "=" & 666 & ";path=/" into theCookie
> put new header theCookie
> put url ("file:cookieResult.html") into thePage
> put "Done."  && the long date && the long time into theMessage
> replace "{message}" with theMessage in thePage
> put thePage
> ?>


The POST operation is not setting the cookie. As you can see here:

The set-cookie header is not coming thru. Try loosing the path part, it
might be confusing the browser.

Tricky tricky tricky.


(PS: also try put header instead of put new header)

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