Conversion of large Hypercard Stack to Revolution

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Sun Aug 15 06:09:33 EDT 2010

Hi Richard,

According to the documentation, the number of cards in a Revolution stack is only limited by the amount of available memory. I can imagine that a stack with 119000 cards becomes rather big once converted to Revolution. Perhaps it indeed doesn't fit in memory. It is also possible that one card is corrupted, but usually this causes Revolution to fail importing the entire stack.

If you are using a very old version of HyperCard, it might help to convert it to HyperCard 2.3 or 2.4.1 before opening your stack in Revolution. Compacting your stack might also help.

A few years ago, I created a HyperCard utility, which allows for recovering corrupted stacks and seems to work very well. It can also cut your stack into smaller pieces. This utility is called Split & Recover. It is freeware and you can find it here . You will need a machine with Mac OS 9 to run this utility.

There's another utility, called DIFfersifier, which extracts the data from your stack. It won't work with corrupted stacks and you might need to run Split & Recover before using DIFfersifier. DIFfersifier works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. You can find this utility here <http://differsifier.economy-x-talk./com>. 

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On 15 aug 2010, at 10:36, Richard Holton Pierce wrote:

> I am not a professional programmer but had worked with Hypercard from its inception, and went over to Revolution as soon as I became aware of its existence.
> I have been able to convert most of my stacks flawlessly, with one exception. In the late 1990s I produced a stack for a research project in Russian which contained 119,000 cards (sic!). It has become necessary to reactivate this stack, and to convert it to Revolution Enterprise 4.5 I have followed the prescribed Revolution procedure. After conversion, all the functions I had built into the stack work as they should, but the converted stack contains only 28,005 cards.
> Is there a built-in limit on how many cards a conversion can accommodate?
> Is there a work-around?
> Any advice appreciated.
> Hopefully,
> Richard Pierce

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