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Hej Richard,

Thanks for your post !

About some more on-rev related feed-back :

Before going head with professional grade projects targeting the revServer and/or On-Rev options, i used as a purely test needs platform and the results are, in practice, feeting as well as needed the expectations. The average response time of remained stable at 4020 ms per request over the last 12 months (at this point : 22 000 MySQL xml-stored games files with no negative impact at all on the speed execution witch remains exactly the same than when there was only 10 xml-stored games behind - on year ago, a Java applet, a revPlugin, MySQL driven secure two-level authentication, an unoptimized 270 ko irev scripts lib, etc...).

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Le 13 août 2010 à 18:10, Richard Gaskin a écrit :

> As many here have noted, 30 seconds is a very long time to run a continuous process.  With my CGIs I target a maximum of 5 seconds and may in some extreme cases tolerate up to 10 seconds if absolutely unavoidable, but even that's too long for my tastes; I can't have the user siting there without feedback for that long.
> Looking at resource averages as our guide on this, the Dreamhost support wiki says: "Average shared hosting customers normally use less than 5 CPU minutes per day for their account".  When you consider the popularity of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and other PHP/MySQL-driven systems, that average lends a good perspective of how even complex systems perform under normal loads.
> Given the speed of the Rev engine, I'd be surprised if you ever needed more than a second or two to run most things you'd want to do with it on your server.  With the blog, the custom search engine I built for a client, and other relatively processor-intensive tasks, the Rev engine is able to do what I ask of it in a fraction of a second.

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