Problems displaying iRev script output in an iFrame

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Fri Aug 13 03:18:23 EDT 2010


I am experimenting with iRev scripts in my OnRev account and I am
having difficulty in displaying the required response to data
retrieved from a web form.

I have two html pages. On one page, the home page, a simple 3 line web
form is displayed in an iFrame. The form is in an iRev file.
This page displays correctly.

When the submit button is clicked I want to reproduce the form content
and some other fixed text inside the same iFrame.

My form action line from the iRev Form file is <form
method="post" name="inlineframe3">

My formResponse.irev script is


put "Thanks for the feedback."<br />
<br />
Put "Your information is:"<br />
<br />

put "Name:"&& $_post["name"] &<br />
<br />
put "Age:"&& $_post["age"] &<br />
<br />
put "Email:"&& $_post["email"] &<br />
<br />

<br />
Put "We'll be in touch as soon as possible." &<br />


When I enter data and press submit the iFrame goes blank. However, if
I rename formresponse.irev to formresponse.html everything after
'Thanks for the feedback' including tags is displayed in the iFrame.
Now I know that the file needs to have an irev extension for the
script to run but the renaming seems to show that the output is being
aimed in the right direction - the iframe.

Any tips and advice would be appreciated.



Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at

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