Rép : [solved][revServer] process timeout issue

Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Thu Aug 12 08:09:11 EDT 2010

Hi There,

After verification and as Mark Waddingham expected, the latency has only to do with the time needed, on mutualized servers, to reload and cache in RAM the "on-the-fly-compiled" server-side code, irev scripts included - in between all the server-side scripted and bytecoded languages available around, from PHP/Zend to Java/Tomcat/JBoss.

Verification test protocol : 1.- i used an up and response time HTTP inline service (pingdom.com) set to test woooooooords.com one time per minute. 2.- this revserver app appears yet to stay 100% responsive at a 330ms average - in other words, its main code is not swaped out of RAM in the forcoming minute. 3.- If this would occurs indeed, it would be time for me [in staying away from any untrustable rumor] to setup a dedicated server for my app... ;-)



Pierre Sahores
mobile : (33) 6 03 95 77 70


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