get filename broke?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Aug 12 02:41:34 CDT 2010

Hey guys, can you do me a quick favor and make sure this is a bug before I
report it.

put in msg box:

go URL ""

drag an image onto the stack
double-click the image to open prop inspector
set the filename of the image to any JPG you have on your disk
now type into msg:
  put the filename of img 1

you should get a good path. something like:
C:/Users/Public/Pictures/Sample Pictures/Desert.jpg

Now save the stack, quit Rev, launch Rev and load the stack.
Now try and set the filename of the image to something else.

When you do, you should see the filename of the image is now a
non-path..something like:
./../../../Public/Pictures/Sample Pictures/Desert.jpg

Let me know if this is a repeatable problem for you. I've tested it on both
the latest RC and the release 4.0 GM Thanks!

ON CLOSER INSPECTION.. I can set and retrieve the filename from script, so
it seems the filename button on the Prop Inspector is screwing things up.
I'll post a bug.

Chipp Walters
CEO, Shafer Walters Group, Inc.

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