[HELP] anyone have a simple handler to add a control to a group programatically?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Aug 10 23:13:49 EDT 2010

On 8/10/10 8:47 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> :-O x 100000000
> Is it that simple?!!? :-O
> *GASP*
> I can code a whole web server in Rev but could not do it! :-D
> Now, for your amusement, I will tell you what I was doing. I kept a "Stack"
> (the datastructure not the file format) with all the long ids of the
> controls in a group. If I needed to add one control to a group. I'd ungroup
> them, then, assemble a string with all the long ids plus the new control and
> group them again.
> I knew it was supposed to be easier than that...

You got a little confused is all. You're supposed to let the *engine* 
keep the list, not you. :)

But here's what really happened, and you shouldn't blame yourself. I saw 
your request but there was nothing I could do until I finished my time 
warp stack a few years from now. Then I went back to the days of 
MetaCard and told Dr Raney that there would be this crazy Brazillian guy 
who was going to need to put controls in groups. Raney agreed to add it 
to the engine, though he did mention that it was a bit of a stretch. 
Maybe he just wanted to get rid of me. Anyway, fast forward and here we 
are in a different alternate timeline, but the changeover happened so 
fast you lagged a bit before you could snap back to us.

It's really simple when you know the story.

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