Multi-dimensional arrays, tutorial?

FlexibleLearning admin at
Tue Aug 10 11:24:11 EDT 2010

Thank you BvG. Persistence by putting an array into a property makes sense
kinda... It was the syntax that had me fooled.

If I have understood the system, then

1. set the dinnerNames["mains"] of this stack to "tex" - good
2. set the dinnerNames["mains"]["spicy"] of this stack to "tex" - bad!


[1] is a single dimension array property
[2] is a multi-dimensional array variable


[3] we can 'set' a single dimension property to a multi-dimensional array
which is what I need to do.

Nice tutorial, by the way...

>I have written an advanced tutorial (read: confusing) on various
>uses for multidimensional arrays when having tab delimited data:


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