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Tue Aug 10 06:51:47 EDT 2010

On 10/08/2010 04:42, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at> wrote:

>> Yer, but . . . the reall "fun" will be when I get home and try the
>> Sanskrit2003 font on Linux . . .
>> err . . . wait a minute . . . no it won't as I have a Studio licence so
>> no access to DP builds;
>> Heather very kindly extended my licence to Sept.; whether that will
>> encompass the 4.5 release I don't know ????

I won't comment publicly on release dates, but I might be surprised if it

> All Enterprise licensees get access to DP builds automatically, but
> since you're more enthused about testing the new font handling than
> anyone else around I would suggest you drop a note to support at
> to see if you can get access to the DPs on this round to help out.
> No rush at the moment though:  so far all I've seen are screen shots of
> the in-progress builds as the team works toward the DP.  Not sure when
> the next DP will be posted, but thus far none have had the new font
> handling, so it's not like you've been missing out while you were
> traveling.  Hopefully the next DP will up soon....

Yes its just screenshots at the moment but there is a new DP for our
revEnterprise customers coming up shortly. Feel free to drop a line to
support though as a little extra help testing the Linux tweaks wouldn't go

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