How to set a empty registry setting on windows?

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Mon Aug 9 11:05:41 CDT 2010

I have been saying for years that I don't think Microsoft uses their own product in development. I am convinced they use a Unix mainframe and workstations. If they did use their own product, all the thousands of little bugs that irritate the heck out of you and I every day would be fixed forthright. 


On Aug 7, 2010, at 5:40 PM, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Richard,
> Thanks for the reply. What I am trying to do is set a custom URL protocol as
> described here:
> This needs a subkey "URL Protocol" set to windows empty string. Now, won't
> quote & quote be interpreted as not empty by windows subsystems?
> ARGH!!!! Why using empty keys, why not hardwiring for something more
> sensible such as URL Protocol = "True".
> Damn windows "design" ideas.

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