browser messages, Pass them?

Bob Cole bobcole at
Sun Aug 8 23:16:49 EDT 2010

I use revBrowser in a stack and it works fine.
I noticed that a message is sent when I click on a link in the browser window:
	 browserBeforeNavigate 10:00:35 PM (11005)
What does the number in parentheses mean? Process ID?

I trap this message in a card handler so I can update a status field
   on browserBeforeNavigate
      put "Page Loading" into field "Status"
      --pass browserBeforeNavigate --?
   end browserBeforeNavigate

I also trap the browserDocumentComplete message
   on browserDocumentComplete
      put "Page Loaded" into field "Status"
      --pass browserDocumentComplete --?
   end browserDocumentComplete

Should I pass these browser messages? Does it hurt if I don't?
Any other thoughts would be welcome, too.

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