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There is a marvelous old book around, 40 years old in fact, The 
Management of Time  by  James T. McCay. It appears there are only about 
60 copies left on Amazon.  It mandatory reading given to use by our 
spiritual master.

If you wanted a dynamic insight into personal management in just 190 
pages  without all the hype of the modern management movement, ( which 
is marvelous in it's own way)  get it now! Good as gold today as it was 
back then.

A key point McCay makes in the first chapter is that the primary "leak" 
in our time management is poor communications, and that it is almost an 
inevitability, inherent in life itself. This whole thing with Jerry and 
Sarah and RunRev is a classic case.

McCay's contention is that we *must always!* take into account the 
following principles, and if we do not it will cost us dearly on many 

1) What I say or write is probably not very close to what I actually 
think or actually feel.

2) What the other person actually hears or reads is not going to be what 
I said or wrote.

3) How the person cognizes  what she heard or read is going to be 
different from what she thought she heard

4) conversely, you need to be humble enough to admit that what you 
cognize from what someone writes or said to you, is probably not exactly 
what they said,  and that you need to factor into the relationship #1 
above: that what she said or wrote to you was inevitably not the 
fullness of what they thought or felt.

ergo "it's all my fault"

If you bear these principles in mind "run time...." and keep a feedback 
loop going with the other person, then you
a) get true communications
b) efficient "management" (it takes less time to get things done because 
everyone understand everyone else from the get go)
c) much more positive inter-personal relationships.

I would add to this:  and avoid possibly serious strategic blunders by 
taking decisions based on the inherently flawed communications, both 
"business" decisions as well as decisions about relationships.


On 8/5/10 8:16 AM, Heather Nagey wrote:
> Good heavens. I go away for a week and a war breaks out! I do 
> apologise, I will never take another holiday!
> Sarah, you are not banned. What a crazy idea.
> I might suggest that this whole saga is a sad illustration of my 
> mantra - if you want to know the answer to a question, write to 
> support - support at Do not assume that posting an issue on 
> the use-list will get you an answer. Do not assume that emailing a 
> specific engineer will get you an answer - that engineer might not be 
> in a position to reply. Do not assume that a specific member of the 
> user community knows the correct answer. Do not email my personal 
> email address, I might be away.  Support is manned, even when I am on 
> holiday. In fact, Andre did finally email support to ask about the 
> revServer limits, and he did get a reply.
> Now perhaps we can all get back to discussing Rev, in all its forms, 
> and how to get the best use out of it. In a friendly, 
> non-confrontational manner if at all possible!
> Warm Regards to all
> Heather
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