Harry Potter's magic button - a solution to another tricky group bug

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Aug 7 07:33:15 CDT 2010

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> Richard,
> Thanks for this really valuable information.
> "set the boundingrect of group x to the rect of group x" solves the
> complete list of problems, the "setting" and "keeping" bugs are no
> longer interfering and all side effects have gone away - like with the
> magic button, but with even less effort.

Yeah, the boundingRect property been a godsend on some projects, and I 
was quite pleased when Raney added it.  Makes short work of things that 
can get quite complicated without it.

As much as I enjoy using Rev, there are a few things I miss from when 
when I was using SuperCard daily; this was one of them.

> They must be a great amount of similarities between what the
> boundingrect and the magic button achieve,  and if the Rev engineers
> will still try to fix the "set the loc" bug they should also look how
> the boundingrect is coded in the engine.

I think I missed that bug - what's the RQCC#?

> The Revolution docs/dictionary should be updated to reflect the
> dependency of "set the loc" in groups on the "boundingrect" property.

Good idea - I've just added this note to the Dictionary entry for the 
location property:

     If you encounter difficulties setting the loc of objects
     within a group, see the boundingRect group property in
     this dictionary.

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