revVideoGrabber: stop preview doesn't hide video window

Richard Miller wow at
Thu Aug 5 19:38:35 EDT 2010


We use the video grabber functions extensively in our software, but only 
on PC's (where it runs with adequate stability even for video grabs as 
long as 3-5 minutes). The PC side works much better than the Mac side.

The issue you are running into on a Mac is a known bug. You're not doing 
anything wrong. But I've not found it a problem to use 
revCloseVIdeoGrabber as often as needed (on Mac or PC side)... because 
you are right in saying it is the only way to get rid of the preview 
image on a Mac.

Richard Miller

On 8/5/10 5:39 PM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:
> Docs for revStopPreviewingVideo says:
> "Stops showing input from a video camera in the video grabber window."
> "Use the revStopPreviewingVideo command to stop showing video input."
> "When you stop previewing video, the video grabber window shows a 
> blank screen."
> When I try this (rev 4.0 or later, on MacOS X 10.6) it doesn't show a 
> blank screen, instead I'm left with a still of the last frame.  The 
> only way to make it go away is to execute revCloseVideoGrabber.
> Is this a known bug?  Am I doing something wrong?  Does anyone else 
> experience this, or conversely has anyone experience of it working as 
> documented?
> TIA,
> Ben
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