Rodeo, revServer etc.

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As usual, the men have made a mess of everything.


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Good heavens. I go away for a week and a war breaks out! I do apologise, I will never take another holiday!

Sarah, you are not banned. What a crazy idea.

I might suggest that this whole saga is a sad illustration of my mantra - if you want to know the answer to a question, write to support - support at Do not assume that posting an issue on the use-list will get you an answer. Do not assume that emailing a specific engineer will get you an answer - that engineer might not be in a position to reply. Do not assume that a specific member of the user community knows the correct answer. Do not email my personal email address, I might be away.  Support is manned, even when I am on holiday. In fact, Andre did finally email support to ask about the revServer limits, and he did get a reply.

Now perhaps we can all get back to discussing Rev, in all its forms, and how to get the best use out of it. In a friendly, non-confrontational manner if at all possible!

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