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I just went over to read that page, and it made me sad. It looks like 
the "RR is uncommuncative" sentiment is based at least partly on the 
fact that Andrew sent emails directly to Oliver privately, and Ollie did 
not respond. The reason he didn't respond is because by that time he was 
no longer with the company -- he was one of the engineers who left. Any 
email sent directly to Ollie would have gone into oblivion. No one would 
have seen it.

If anyone writes to an engineer privately and does not get a response, I 
hope you'll resend your email to the support queue, where RR is diligent 
in following up with the appropriate people. In fact, that's usually the 
best way to get a response, because I know for a fact that at least one 
of our major players has an inbox that goes on practically to infinity, 
and he's unlikely to even notice anything you send.

If this whole mess has happened because of that misunderstanding, it's 
very sad indeed.

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