Saving data in List Magic tables

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Aug 5 12:56:29 EDT 2010

Probably worth mentioning that, as pointed out to me by the good folks  
on this list, it's NOT a good idea to put any of your application's  
data files in the Applications folder if you plan on writing to them.   
Unless the Mac user is an administrator, he/she won't have write  
access to the Applications folder. I ended up creating a folder in the  
user's Documents folder to hold my data files (sqlite db, etc).  And  
also a folder in the user's Library/Preferences folder to hold that  
user's preferences information.

Pete Haworth

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> Hi Charles,
>> Richard,
>> What is the best location for an app to be installed on OSX?
> The "Application" folder. Get it with:
> specialfolderpath("apps")
>> Charles Szasz
>> cszasz at
> Best
> Klaus

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