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Wow!  I really appreciate your suggestions on e-mailing data. This is something I hope to add on to my app after it is deployed. I don't have any experience with CGI. So thanks again!!!

Charles Szasz
cszasz at mac.com

On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:54 AM, Richard Gaskin [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> Michael D Mays wrote: 
>  > In a lot of places email is the only way. I have people whose 
>  > parent corporation provides their internet connection. They 
>  > have limited bandwidth and a less than stellar corporate IT. 
>  > Emails of less than a few MB is the only way for them. 
> Unless I misunderstood the original request, this isn't a question of 
> bandwidth but merely of finding a reliable way to send the message. 
> The mailto: protocol is often used for such things, and in many cases 
> will open the user's default email client with a preformatted message 
> ready to send. 
> The problem with mailto is that it's not reliable on Windows systems if 
> there's any risk that the total URL string passed to it may exceed 512 
> characters -- see the first comment at: 
> <http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa767737%28VS.85%29.aspx> 
> Complicating things further, this limit appears to vary between 
> different versions of Windows and/or Outlook (I've seen some systems 
> where lengths up to 2048 are accepted, but even that's kinda small for 
> sending logs). 
> When that limit is exceeded, in most cases (but again, this is not 
> consistently implemented) the OS will simply fail to open the client at all. 
> Faced with that unpredictable limit, mailto is only useful on Windows 
> when you know the message will be very short. 
> So instead, we need to explore other options, and CGI is a great one. 
> With a CGI you use the same bandwidth, since the message isn't any 
> longer regardless how it's sent. 
> But using a CGI to handle the message you no longer give up control over 
> the message length, provided you send it with POST rather than GET 
> (well, technically speaking some hosts may impose limits on POST data 
> length, but usually those limits are so large they won't come into play 
> for most common uses). 
> In fact, using a CGI you can send the same message in much a smaller 
> data chunk using Rev's built-in gzip compression: 
> post compress(tMyData) to url "http://mydomain.com/cgi-bin/myscript.cgi" 
> Gzip compression works wonders on text, often reducing its length by as 
> much as 40% and sometimes as high as 70% depending on the content. 
> On the receiving end, the CGI script can get the POST data, run it 
> through Rev's decompress function, and either email it to you, or write 
> it to a file you can pick up with FTP, or any number of other options. 
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