Saving data in List Magic tables

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Thu Aug 5 10:46:50 EDT 2010

Hi Charles,

additionally to Richard's answer, plese see my coments below your code.

> I have a standalone consisting of a splash stack and an app stack. I have set
> up a script that the user can insert some information into two tables - one
> for students and one for adults. These tables are on two different cards in
> my app stack. 
> I have been testing my standalone on Windows XP where it was installed in
> the AllUsersAppData directory using an installer program.  I tried the
> following script for the card that has the student list:
> on closeCard
>   Save "School Report" as "\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
> Data"
> end closeCard

1. You only provide the STRING "School report" to the SAVE command!
Probably you mean "save STACK "School report..."?

2. You only provided the target FOLDER and no filename!
Hint: specialfolderpath(35) will give you that folder on all win versions!
save STACK "School report" as (specialfolderpath(35) & "/" & "School report.rev"
## Richards debug code here...

Hope that helps.

> But this does not save the data in the two tables!  Any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated!



Klaus Major
klaus at

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