Rodeo, revServer etc.

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Aug 5 07:04:47 EDT 2010


I suspect the requests for you and Jerry to stay around won't do much good. It's clear you both  are most hurt and outraged by this rabble, and besides, you all have much work to do!

Perhaps it might be helpful to look at this from a different point of view?

One might say there seems to be a convenient correlation between the claims of a buggy RevServer, the announcement "RODEO now creates standalones on the Mac" (thus clearly in defiance of Rev's license policy), and the abrupt switch to PHP. In fact, one might suspect they go hand in hand, as the posts are the one and the same.

One can certainly understand the business reason for the change to PHP. It makes perfect sense and is the only way around the license issue. It's too bad RunRev has been an unknowing willing participant in helping fund, provide customers for, publicize, and launch a direct competitor.

Still, one can applaud the skill at how deftly this has all come about-- heck RODEO even had a newly branded website up the exact same day as the post. Perfect timing.

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