Rodeo, revServer etc.

David Bovill david at
Thu Aug 5 05:25:27 CDT 2010

On 5 August 2010 04:20, Andre Garzia <andre at> wrote:

> People sometimes gets very passionated, now, if we could channel that
> would be great and better than some threads that been here latelly.
> I won't say I will miss you guys because I know you are not leaving... :-)

I second that Sarah - in fact I'd go so far as to say you should consider
yourself banned from leaving :)

I'm going (to try) to stay out of debate on these issues, except to say I am
broadly sympathetic to the problems that you have expressed and feel that
both you and Jerry deserve a big thumbs up for your rational calm and
positive contributions on the subject in the face of distinctly defensive
replies, which you could easily have been tempted to reply to more

On the positive, I'd second Andre's comment above. I too feel that a
community run open source project and documentation resource, would not only
provide a productive avenue for many of these issues to be channelled, but
go a long way to addressing some of the technical issues raised. It would
also importantly help to address the sense of a void created by the issues
faced by RunRev currently, and compounded in my view by the approach to
marketing and community that is being followed presently.

Guys we can get better contributions from the community to help RunRev
through this patch!

Another positive note! The best things come from working through hard times
- I think RunRev can and will come out of this stronger. But not without the
community and people like Jerry and Sarah passionately on board. I think the
moves to open source the externals is a great sign, I am hopeful about the
longer term implications with regard to more open and co-development
strategies being pursued on the Linux and Android platforms (it just makes
sense), and I am sure that Kevin and RunRev are actively looking at ways to
improve these things.

So how about a regular monthly online conference - working on "FREE OPEN
SOURCE LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT and TESTING for Rev", leading up to a
constructive community show at next years RunRev live event? Say the first
Tuesday of each month?

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