Long-term stability of revVideoGrabber?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Thu Aug 5 04:16:41 CDT 2010

Thanks Stephen.

I picked up on your reference to the sound settings issue in #3712 and made a 
new explicit report at

(see also #8887, #8889).

(I noted your remarks about sound going out sync but didn't do anything in the 
absence of reproducing this myself.)

I will obviously now be setting up some sort of soak testing rig, which might 
flush out some other issues.  At present the only blocker issue I know of is 
the audio settings, I'm trying to establish if there are others.

 > There has been talk of a new, privately commissioned external for
 > audio/video. Stay tuned.
Is there any timescale on this talk?

Many thanks,


On 05/08/2010 09:50, stephen barncard wrote:
> The sound component is broken on the Mac version of videograbber in two
> ways:
> 1. There is a sound panel to set parameters, but they don't always 'stick'
> when set and there is no instruction available on how to save the params for
> the next time as one can do with the video settings.
> 2. There is a intermittent bug in Quicktime that can cause the sound to be
> ahead of the picture.  I've used a few applications that rely on QT for
> video capture that have the same sync problems. The only thing that has
> worked for me for pro video capture on the mac is Final Cut Pro.
> Too bad, too. I had created just the app I always wanted for video archiving
> integrated with a database - and had captured quite a few videos that I
> eventually had to do over with Final Cut. Oh well.
> However, for short clips VG might work very well.  Not sure about the long
> term - it may have to be restarted occasionally. Video is hard. This memory
> intensive stuff has a tendency to crash more often.   Videograbber has all
> the stuff you need to capture - you should be able to set up an automated
> test for your idea in little time.
> There has been talk of a new, privately commissioned external for
> audio/video. Stay tuned.
> sqb
> On 5 August 2010 01:26, Ben Rubinstein<benr_mc at cogapp.com>  wrote:
>> I'm embarking on a project for which I'll need to have an unnattended unit
>> capturing short video clips (30-180 seconds) repeatedly over a long period;
>> and need to pick my technology.
>> Does anyone have experience of using the rVG over a long term like this?
>>   Does it hold up?
>> War stories, witness statements, views or suggestions gratefully received.
>> TIA,
>> Ben

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