[RevServer tips] Spreading the load or why wise developers use asynchronous workflows

wayne durden wdurden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 12:32:19 CDT 2010

Hi Mike,

Thanks for that encouragement and I have seen such efforts on this list in
the past.  I don't think my situation is an ideal candidate because the
business logic of the processing that happens is quite convoluted and hard
to keep mentally in focus.  The app in question takes lines of reported
equity trades, and matches opposite sides prorating as necessary.  That part
is all rather straightforward and simple, but there is a particulary nasty
tax rule called the wash sale rule that then requires a lengthy series of
condition checks for other trades to see if it is triggered.  It's not
rocket science, but it is tax law with a bunch of weird nested conditions.

I don't doubt that the members of this list could probably cut the compares
substantially, but I think the complexity of the rules needed to understand
is beyond the "interesting puzzle " level.  Additionally, for the average
case of less than 4000 lines, trying to optimize the desktop app is not

 Right now RunRev is a secret weapon which allows me to do this very
effectively as a "touch" service, but where this is headed is in an
institutional setting handling the accounts automatically and that is beyond
optimizing the matching algorithms, to rethinking the breakdown of how the
processing actually needs to be handled.

I do appreciate the suggestion, and I have seen many cases in the past where
the members on this list would jump at the chance to optimize others code.
This list is truly a fantastic thing!


On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 1:09 PM, Michael Kann <mikekann at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Wayne,
> Someone on this forum might be able to find room for improvement in your
> data processing program. You might want to put it out as a challenge to see
> what others can do with it.
> Mike
> Wayne wrote:
> This is all very interesting to me because I am interested in moving a
> desktop app that processes datafiles up to 100,000 lines which can mean for
> each line comparing against the remainder (in reality sorts cust this down
> a
> great deal), but this can run for minutes on a desktop app and I have got
> to
> cut it down into asynchronous processing as per your article...
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