[RevServer tips] Spreading the load or why wise developers use asynchronous workflows

wayne durden wdurden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 12:49:36 EDT 2010


Just want to make sure I have the general understanding of the issues...  On
a shared hosting setup where there is a process time limit such as 30
seconds, would that mean that some other entity using the same server with
an intensive process could latch essentially all of the processing for up to
30 seconds?  Is there a more finely granulated check that still swaps users
in and out to a degree below a certain process priority claim?  And if the
first assertion is the case, it wouldn't matter what tech one went with Rev,
Ruby, PHP, etc. you could still get a wait time of almost 30 seconds before
the server ended your sharer's processing and reached you, correct?



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