[revServer] process timeout issue

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Aug 3 20:26:43 EDT 2010

I am a friend of Jerry's and of Kevin's. I certainly wish Jerry, Sarah and
their extraordinary effort, RODEO, the best of success! I think they are on
to something great!

Unfortunately, Jerry's team cannot provide a recipe where others can
replicate the buggy behavior which he says is forcing him to choose another
platform. If they could supply such a recipe, I feel certain Kevin would
surely address the issue. Also of note is the fact Jerry's RODEO platform
resides on a shared host, with GOD knows what other processes, daemons, etc.
which could also be interjecting themselves into processor performance. It

I don't think it was necessary to have made a public spectacle of this
on-rev issue. It only casts doubt on the on-rev server platform which,
without a replicatable recipe, doesn't seem to me the gracious thing to do.
I would encourage Jerry and his team to provide such a recipe, which would
then allow others to test and hopefully fix this issue. I think it would be
a great way to resolve this issue without further escalation.

Jerry introduced me to RunRev and has been an ardent supporter of this
technology, and the company for many years. I've worked on projects with
both he and Sarah, and they're both extraordinary programmers and
individuals of the highest character. I hope they will stay and help resolve
this on-rev server problem.

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