[revServer] process timeout issue

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Tue Aug 3 10:54:17 EDT 2010

Thanks for the kind words Jerry! :D


Moving this back onto RevServer, here goes a cross-post from the improve

I believe the limits are not on RevServer itself but on the virtualization
stack used on On-Rev. I have RevServer running on my own web server here and
I just did two tests:

* A RevServer script that takes 40 seconds to load.
* A RevServer script that uses 90MB of memory.
* A RevServer script that uses 225MB and takes 40 seconds to load.


Then I've run 30 requests at 5 concurrency level against memory.irev. The
memory one completed without a single failure, it completed in 7 seconds for
all the 30 requests, no errors, timeouts or hiccups.

I could not use "ab" to test the ones with a wait in them because my "ab" is
not honoring the timeout settings. So if I set the timeout to 2 minutes, it
still timeout at couple seconds. Bug on my side not the RevServer side, all
pages load fine on the web.

So now we know scripts can take forever to run (40 seconds is forever) and
use big amount of RAM (225MB). I am using http://jaguarpc.com with their VPS
TWO plan.

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