[revServer] process timeout issue

Shao Sean shaosean at wehostmacs.com
Tue Aug 3 04:16:37 EDT 2010

> Robert this is a lo-o-o-o-ong post.

and that was a useless post..

Robert did raise a few valid points:
- revServer was originally going to be released for free (I can  
understand needing some funds after the revMobile fiasco)
- "consequently what precautions have revServer developpers to take"
- "do we have to postpone any serious launch of revServer, on-rev  
services until the beta test ends and a version one is officially  

While it is never good to release services or applications built with  
alpha/beta pieces of software, the need to build with them to release  
when they are released is a valid use..
If the revServer cannot handle the load during development what will  
happen when revServer is officially released?
What happens if the web service becomes more popular than originally  
What happens if the web service gets slash dotted?

I understand that even PHP has memory limits and script execution  
times (ahh.. good old infinite loops) but they are configurable (will  
the final version of revServer be?)..
Load times of a page are not a huge deal and cannot be blamed on  
revServer as I have gone to my bank's site and have waited for quite  
some time only to hit the refresh button to have it pop up (happens at  
Hotmail too)..

And I was looking forward to playing with the new revServer technology  
but looks like I will be stuck with the old revCGI for now.. :(


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