[revServer] process timeout issue

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Mon Aug 2 16:54:43 CDT 2010

Jerry, I tripped across this very thing when debugging connect probs I had. I use the mySQL on my onRev account as the DB backend. Trevor actually found a problem internal to sqlYoga which he fixed, which was causing sqlYoga to attempt to connect twice, which was giving me timeouts of a minute or more. 

Trevor has subsequently fixed this, but I had come to accept that long timeouts were common place when using a remote SQL server. It's nice to know that I was not the only person experiencing this! 


On Aug 2, 2010, at 7:51 AM, Jerry Daniels wrote:

> Michael,
> Good TX joke, btw! Better than any answer I could give.
> Based on Andrew's research (I believe it was a report he voluntarily did for Runrev) and our observations, the timeout is not 30 seconds for one process. We think there is some sort of pooling of processes (and possibly users) that are limited by 30 secs. We have seen the timeout in much shorter time spans. Andrew reports a 4 second time out.
> I know all that sounds pretty bad, but revServer is also very fast once it gets going. VERY fast. Rodeo users are not complaining about their server speeds, Sarah and I are unhappy with the performance because we load test it and see some requests take many seconds to complete and then the next identical request takes less than a second. We can't release a commercial product with this limitation.
> For the record, the testing we did was using the revServer engine 100% without revDB or anything like that. I'll let Andrew comment on that aspect of his timings.
> Best,
> Jerry Daniels

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