MacBook core i7 : a real powerfull laptop or a sadly build toy ?

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sun Aug 1 06:58:16 EDT 2010

In beetwin us (part 2) ...

I owned lots of macs over the years, from a PWB 160 to the last MBP core i7 15" and you know what : the best of all in them was always the operating system 0S 7/8/9 and OSX. The bad thing in them was the construction quality - one time good (as the best of alls : PWB G4 12" 1 Ghz), one time sadly bad (as the sadest of all : PWB 5300 cs, three time rebuild to new by Apple).

How to position the MacBook Pro core 620-i7 15" i purchased in the late of april ?

If you just need to run one of its four virtual cores at once, it's OK but if you want to use it in running apps on its four virtual core in 24/7 mode, don't expect that this unibody laptop will support it for weeks. Instead of letting the processors fans turns all the day at 6000 t/mn as soon as 3 virtual cores are at work, the best to do is to switch to a more seriously build 720-i7 PC laptop (height virtual cores) able to run at 100% of its available power without becoming too hot even after months (i'm very happy with my ASUS 14" i payed half the price of the MBP).

If i had to choose what MBP to purchase instead of the core i7 i owns today, i would certainly take a dual-core instead. The unibody is definitively not suited to embed the core i5/i7 processors...


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