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Fri Apr 30 12:57:36 EDT 2010

There is a thread in the forums about the fact that if one types into a 
fld, but never types a space, the text will not wrap, irrespective of the 
dontWrap property.

So even if dontWrap is false, at least one   space is required IN EACH LINE 
that one types in order for Rev to wrap the screen lines. This anomaly 
seems to have been understood for a while. It is not an issue in HC.

My question is this: the formattedText property is touted as being a way to 
"fix" this. But I cannot make it work.

I make a field ("fld22") and type some text into it that goes beyond the 
width. (no spaces, remember)

In a button I have:

on mouseUp
   get the formattedText of fld "fld22"
   put it into fld "fld22"
end mouseup

No change, though there is a slight movement of the field text to the 
right, which is odd. The dictionary addresses this directly. What am I missing?

I originally was playing around with a general workaround to the problem 
using a keydown message in the field. No luck, of course. HC had an XFCN 
called "wordWrap" that does what the dictionary says the formattedText shoudl do.

Craig Newman

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