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Fri Apr 30 05:01:17 EDT 2010

Hi Richmond,

you might also get interested in LabView: http://www.ni.com/labview/ 
:-), although their prices bite :-(


Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>  Yes; it's that time of year again when Richmond starts burbling
> on about potential pretenders to the RunRev crown . . .  :)
> I have been following HyperNext for quite some time; and for
> most of that time it has been crap. But there are the beginnings
> of something stirring over there in County Durham:
> http://www.tigabyte.com/index.html
> The specific 'bits' that grabbed my attention were these:
> "HyperNext V4 coming soon! "
> and
> "Coming soon - with many enhancements and versions for
> Mac OS X - Intel native builds.
> Windows 7.
> Linux beta."
> Now as this is, as far as I can tell, a one-man, kitchen-sink operation
> (Um; how did RunRev start?) and Hypernext is, at present, FREE, the
> developer is under no real need to keep punters happy, so, also
> "coming soon" could be extremely subjective.  I have written to
> the info address asking about time-frames.
> The thing that interests me most is that there is a Linux version in 
> the pipeline.
> Now at a time when 'some' IDE development companies seem to be slacking
> off on Linux development here's a person doing quite the opposite (of 
> course
> as s/he in non-commercial we cannot assume her/his motives are the same
> as commericla operations); presumably this is not just for the fun of 
> the thing;
> after all porting all that stuff over from Mac and Win to Linux may 
> not be all that easy.
> This company needs watching as they may yet produce a viable competitor.
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