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Mark Swindell mdswindell at cruzio.com
Thu Apr 29 10:14:58 EDT 2010

Hi Bernd,

I'm actually looking for the capacity to take sections of sports video and break down specific techniques into a series of stills for on-paper analysis.  Your post illuminates the complexity of "dashing off" a method of doing so ("plodding along" would be more like it for me).  While the exercise would surely teach me a lot, in this case I'd much rather pay $25.00-50.00 for a fully functioning shareware or commercial program than invest hours and hours perfecting something that will still be imperfect and up to myself to maintain over time.  

For anyone else who might be interested, the following looks very promising, and for a very reasonable price tag of $26.00.  Unfortunately, Stuffit Expander won't unpack it correctly so I can't try it just yet.  Waiting to hear back from Tech Support.


Thank you, though, for your scripts and insight into a solution.  

Because of people like you and the other responders, this list just can't be beat.


On Apr 28, 2010, at 12:23 PM, BNig wrote:

> Mark,
> is this one off or do you want to write a stack that does this repeatedly?
> Is it ok to use apple script, i.e. Mac only? What system version do you use?
> Do you have Quicktime Pro?
> this is a little applescript that assumes your quicktime movie does only
> have one track and that is the movie. It makes a selection in that movie and
> copies the selection to a new document. Than it deletes all the frames
> except every fifth. If you have Quicktime Pro you can export these frames as
> image sequence manually. If you don't have Quicktime Pro I can see if I can
> provide you with a preset file for exporting the images. You dont need the
> Pro license to script and export from Quicktime Player.
> Of course you can do all this from within Rev and take the selection of the
> movie you manually make and send it as applescript to the Quicktime Player,
> which opens the movie, selects what you have selected in Rev and does the
> export. It is just a little more scripting.
> If you want to go Jaque's way of exporting snapshots you have to make
> assumptions about the framerate. Rev only gives you the duration and the
> timescale. Usually quicktime movies have a timescale of 600, but not
> necessarily so. At a timescale of 600 a duration of 1200 is 2 seconds worth
> of movie. At a framerate of 25 that would be 50 frames. A single frame would
> have the duration of 24. At a framerate of 30/sec the duration of an
> individual frame would be 20. So assume you have a framerate of 30 you would
> advance your currenttime by 30 to go to the next frame, or by 150 to advance
> by 5 frames.
> here is the applescript
> ------------------------------
> set tStart to 866
> set tEnd to 1081
> tell application "QuickTime Player"
> 	set tName to name of document 1
> 	tell document tName
> 		set the selection start to tStart
> 		set the selection end to tEnd
> 		copy
> 	end tell
> 	set tSelectionDocName to "mySelection"
> 	make new document
> 	paste document 1
> 	set tSelectionDocName to name of document 1
> 	set tNoOfFrames to the number of frames of track 1 of document
> tSelectionDocName
> 	repeat
> 		if tNoOfFrames = 0 then exit repeat
> 		if tNoOfFrames mod 5 ≠ 0 then delete frame tNoOfFrames of track 1 of
> document tSelectionDocName
> 		set tNoOfFrames to tNoOfFrames - 1
> 	end repeat
> end tell
> ----------------------------
> it also assumes that the movie you are interested in is the frontmost in
> Quicktime Player.
> regards
> Bernd
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