Same file?

Douglas dougtechie at
Wed Apr 28 17:26:14 EDT 2010

If you have write access permissions to the path(s) then you could try

1. Split off the file names at the end of path1 and path2
2. Save a dummy file to path1. - (OK, a problem if you don't have write 
access permission to the path)
3. See if the dummy file exists on path2.


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On 16/04/2010 22:21, Jeff Massung wrote:
> Is there a nice little way in Rev to check and see if two file paths are the
> same? For example:
> "../../../Home/jeff/foo.txt"
> "/Users/Home/jeff/foo.txt"
> "c:\Users\Home\jeff\foo.txt"
> These may all actually be the same file. Before I go down the road of
> directory traversals, file path separators, and drive name parsing... is
> there a way for me to know in Rev if they are the same easily?
> Jeff M.

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