[Database] Retrieving sql statement result

Marcello Bertoli mbertoli at libero.it
Wed Apr 28 12:48:37 EDT 2010

On 28/apr/2010, at 11.12, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

> If you check "the result" after your revExecuteSQL statement, it
> should contain the data you need.

Hi Sarah,

thank you for your answer.

"the result" of revExecuteSql doesn't seem to contains the information the sql engine answers and I need to retrieve.

the listen command in postgresql returns text data. For example the sql result of the statement:

listen foo;




Asynchronous notification "foo" received from server process with PID ..."

I need to retrieve this result text. If I execute:

revExecuteSQL connectionId, "listen foo"

and I check "the result", it is 0, according to the documentation which says that for successful query the result is the number of rows affected and for other (successful) statements is 0.

Any idea?

Thanks again
Best Regards

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