How to insert text at cursor position?

Claus Dreischer claus at
Tue Apr 27 15:06:42 EDT 2010

The problem was here was indeed the hilite.
	put "hello world" into the selection
	put "hello world" after the selection
in a button works.

Putting one of the above into a popup button doen't work.

So, is there a way to somehow "store" the selection before it get lost?
Can i insert text into a field from a popup button?


Am 26.04.10 21:59, schrieb J. Landman Gay:
> Both work, I'm not sure why the first one didn't for the OP. It works
> here. Perhaps his button had auto-hilite set to true, which steals the
> selection.
> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>> Actually, I find this very disturbing, since either of these
>> expressions/commands would work in HyperCard; consequently, being very
>> simple as they are, they should both work in Rev. I can understand
>> complex deviations from HyperTalk, but not the basic, simple ones.
>> What works in HyperTalk should work in RevTalk. Just my HO, but one of
>> the reasons I've found Rev to be frustrating.
>> Joe Wilkins
>> On Apr 26, 2010, at 12:06 PM, Claus Dreischer wrote:
>>> doh ...
>>> i tried with
>>>     put "hello world" into the selection
>>> which failed.
>>> Thanks Mark for the prompt response!
>>> Am 26.04.10 20:54, schrieb Mark Schonewille:
>>>> Claus,
>>>> put "hello world" after the selection
>>>> -- 
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Mark Schonewille

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