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Your suggestion worked! I just compile my app. I opened it and complete the pref file and then quit my app and relaunch it. The pref file inserted the name of the school in my report! Thanks!

Charles Szasz
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On Apr 26, 2010, at 7:16 PM, Sarah Reichelt-2 [via Runtime Revolution] wrote:

> > I set up my pref file to be a substack of my app. My app is launched using a 
> > Splash screen. The user clicks on the Preference in the menu and then enters 
> > the name of the school for the report in the Prefs substack. When the 
> > Preference substack is closed, the name of the school appears throughout the 
> > report at the top of the card. 
> > 
> > Here is my problem: When I added a name of the school in the preference pane 
> > and closed it the name was correctly inserted in the report. When I quit the 
> > program and restart it the name of the school is not in the report but it 
> > still appears in the Preference substack. So the name of the school is saved 
> > in Preference substack but it is not being saved in the report?  I am 
> > supposed to conduct a test of my program today in a school. Can anyone give 
> > me a "quick fix" for this problem?
> Charles, the pref file gets saved and it stores the data. The other 
> stacks in the app do not get saved I presume, so any changes to them 
> are only temporary. When your app starts, say in a startup handler or 
> in a preOpenStack handler, read the settings from your prefs file and 
> apply them again, as if someone had just entered the data into the 
> prefs stack. 
> Cheers, 
> Sarah 
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