Richmond goes data-mining (a.k.a. shovelling through the sh..)

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Mon Apr 26 21:23:08 EDT 2010


Monday, April 26, 2010, 11:56:47 AM, you wrote:

<lots of stuff>
> the temperature up something rotten.

> Finished, at last; there are 204 things listed; so they can be 
> downloaded here:

</lots of stuff>

To start with, it's considered bad form to have a space embedded in a
url. Especially without urlencoding it so that the url is unusable.

Second, I think your algorithm needs a bit of work: you've got several
synonyms listed, so that ups the count by quite a bit (XBrowser_Init
as well as revBrowserInit, for instance); also you've got reserved
words like "redo" that are not implemented in *any* platform. Thirdly
single-platform items like the multiple COM port listings are a cheap
shot, IMO - a single listing instead of 9 would have done the job
nicely. Another example would be single-platform commands like
getResource (or the COM ports, for that matter). And then there are
the commands that are there for Hypercard compatibility only, and
which have no real meaning on any platform: markChar, soundChannel,

Should I bemoan the lack of "hideConsoleWindows" on OSX?

But it's a useful list for several things: I've never noticed mnemonic

And I look forward to the real listing.

-Mark Wieder
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