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Mon Apr 26 01:04:37 EDT 2010

Graham & Heather Harrison wrote:
> Red face time.

Don't be -- we've all been there. We're an easy-going bunch. We'll only 
make fun of you after we know you better, so you're safe for now. :)

> All of the tutorial/sample stacks I have been using have all had the
> controls in layer order, so I didn't use it. Since I had no idea that
> it created indenting (yes, not mentioned anywhere in the User Guide)
> I saw no reason to. When the accidental double-click worked, I am
> sure I tried single, but obviously not very effectively.

Sounds like the old trackpad glitch again.

> When you say "rev's preferences" do you mean the OS Preferences
> available from the Revolution menu, or is there another set
> somewhere? I can't see any references to such things as sort mode in
> the former.

Rev only has the one preferences dialog -- the one under the Rev menu 
(on Windows and Linux it's under Edit.) What Mark means is that your app 
browser settings are saved to Rev's preferences so they "stick" each 
time, but it's an auto-save, so there's no place to manually enter it in 
the Preferences dialog. Rev remembers lots of things you do and resets 
them automatically on next launch. But I'm too tired right now to 
remember what it remembers.

BTW, I did enter a bug report about group controls not showing up in the 
app browser when you're in edit mode, and it was confirmed. That used to 
work some versions ago, I'm not sure when it broke.

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