[Datagrid] How to remove a column behavior? Bug or not?

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 16:15:27 EDT 2010

2010/4/25 Andre.Bisseret <Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr>:
> Le 25 avr. 10 à 14:30, zryip theSlug a écrit :
>> Dear List,
>> How can I remove a column behavior in a datagrid?
>> I thought to remove the column itself and recreate it with the same
>> name, but it seems that when a column with a behavior is deleted, the
>> behavior still stored somewhere in the datagrid. So when you create a
>> new column with the same name than the freshly deleted column, the
>> column is automatically attached to the old behavior.
>> It's pretty odd. Is it a bug or what I'm doing wrong?
>> And I confirm the posts, if I remember correctly, of Sarah and André
>> concerning datagrid columns with no name...
>> I was so enthusiast to test how delete my column behavior, that I have
>> progressively deleted the name of my column letter by letter, until
>> there is no letter to delete...
>> What a pity...
>> Because I have to remove the datagrid, I bet it could solved all my
>> problems with behavior ghosts. A radical solution, but The Slug never
>> does things by halves! 8-)
>> Thanks for any help.
> I already noticed this "phenomena" on the wole datagrid:
> 1 - set the dgProp[columns] of a data grid to a list of cr delimited names
>>> the columns are created
> 2 - populate the data grid
> Then
> 3 -set the dgProp[columns] to empty >> no columns defined anymore
> But the dgText is not emptied ("ghostified" ;-))i
> 4 - setting again the dgProp[columns] with the same names trigger the
> re-apparition of the dgText
> So, for the whole datagrid, after eliminating the columns it remains
> necessary to also set the content to empty

I obtain the same problem with the column behavior when I create a new
grid with no data, so totally empty.

> So it is the same for one only column
> I don't know if it's possible to delete straightforwardly the text of one
> only column?

Not test for the moment in my lab. But such as the data of the grid is
an array, I suppose that it is possible to delete the array key to
remove a column.

> I tried the tortuous following script; seems working:
> Assuming that the third column header is "age"; want to delete the column
> and recreate it but empty (might be with another content)
> on mouseUp
>   local tCols,tData
>   --------
>   put the dgProp["columns"] of grp "dataGrid 1" into tCols
>   put the dgText of grp "datagrid 1" into tData
>   ---
>   delete line 3 of tCols -- delete column 3
>   set the dgProp["columns"] of grp "dataGrid 1" to tCols
>   set the itemDel to tab
>   ## empty text of column 3
>   repeat with x = 1 to the number of lines in tData ## killing the ghost ;-)
>      put empty into item 3 of line x of tData
>   end repeat
>   wait 3 sec ## just to see the result ;-))
>   ## now reinstalling the previous column 3
>   put the dgProp["columns"] of grp "dataGrid 1" into tCols
>   put cr & "age" after line 2 of tCols
>   set the dgProp["columns"] of grp "dataGrid 1" to tCols
>   set the dgText of grp "dataGrid 1" to tData
> end mouseUp --- OUF! ;-))

Hum not really friendly user compared to the creation of the behavior,
but impressive ;)

Thanks for your answer André 8-)

-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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