[ANN] MS Word Import Mac/Win: WordLib 1.3

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Apr 24 23:00:54 EDT 2010

Curry Kenworthy wrote:
>> Maybe you will sell both in a bundle for a special price? ;-)
>> Matthias
> Good idea, however, I would like to reward early adopters with the best
> deal. So here's my special: anyone who orders WordLib before the release
> of WordOut will get a $20 coupon for WordOut.
> When WordOut is released, this offer ends, so order now for the best
> price. :-)

FWIW, I ordered a license within a few minutes of Curry's announcement, 
and have been playing with it this afternoon.  Quite nice.

I'd looked into writing such a think myself at one time, but Curry's 
focused on this with an unusual diligence and passion that goes much 
farther than I would have been able to put into it myself.

His library is perhaps the most complete interpretation of Word files 
possible in Rev, including just about everything Rev fields support - 
all the way down to images, tables, and more.  In fact, his lib seems to 
render Word files with greater fidelity than even Apple's Text Edit app 
with the files I've been working with.

Of course Rev fields don't do everything Work does, but what they do is 
handled here well and and in a form that's a breeze to work with, with 
most operations being simple one-liners.  Malte-quality API design. :)

Extra bonus points:  not only does this lib support the latext Docx 
XML-based format, but also two earlier Word formats and the Open Office 

I'm about to make one of my clients very happy.  Thanks, Curry!

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