where is RevWeb (or a bunch of other stuff for that matter) for linux?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 17:08:32 EDT 2010

  On 24/04/2010 21:52, Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> We really need a statement from Rev on what exactly the business strategy for
> Rev for Linux is.  It should address at least the following:-
> -- Rev Browser
> -- Rev Web
> -- Record sound
> -- Font management
> -- Printing issues
> -- Crashing and slowdowns in the editor
> -- Unavailability of desirable core functionality plugins, absence of
> alternatives
> -- Unreadability of the IDE on screens over 19 inch; inability to resize
> -- And perhaps some statement of intentions and goals about parity with the
> other versions.
> Maybe there is a sensible business strategy here, one that makes sense for
> Rev itself, and also for people who are trying to use Rev on Linux as their
> principal programming language.  Please tell us.  I would love to find that
> this is just a communications problem and that all will be taken care of in
> 4.5 or 4.6.
The bug reports seem to indicate that many of these 'shortcomings' were 
pointed out
as far back as 2.1; and nothing has been done about them.
My hunchback, mentally defective brother lives in the cellar; I hope 
that if I ignore
him long enough he will die or vanish - unfortunately, occasionally, 
people passing
by, seeing his horribly deformed visage through the cellar bars 
telephone me and
remind me that, however ugly, deformed and second-class he is, he is 
still a human
being who needs to be treated with compassion and dignity: I remain 
silent, and, I suppose,
that after some time people will stop bothering me about him. In years 
to come
somebody may happen on his bones and wonder what all the fuss was about.

I don't neglect my hunchback brother out of any real sense of malice; in 
as I know that I really cannot provide a compassionate, humane home
environment for him it seems kinder, on the whole, to brick him up in
the cellar and let him starve. I suppose that in due course the screams,
the whimpering and the scratching will disappear.

Somebody offered my hunchback brother a home in the country in a lovely
house in the middle of a flower garden - for free; but pride stopped me
from accepting it. I was slightly worried that those people might
somehow shame me by showing what hidden potential they could
release from my brother's deformed body.

My hunchback brother is known locally as "Dr R*nR*v" and over the cellar 
beautifully carved in rosewood there is the phrase "Welcome to L*n*x".

I apologise about the '*' symbols, but in our local language we use a 
writing system and there is no adequate representation of the Vulgarian
vowels the * sign is a substitute for.
>   But if not, I would also be very grateful for a straight story,
> this is all you are ever going to get.  Fine, we can make our own decisions
> if that's the story.
> Just let us know where we stand.  Letting this thing drift on in silence is
> no benefit to Rev or to us.
Why, Oh Why, does the situation re the Linux version of RunRev seem awfully
similar to the way Apple behaved about Hypercard: they said nothing, they
said nothing, they said nothing . . . and we moved onto Metacard and 

Err . . . possibly somebody who knows what they are doing had better start
work on the xTalk successor to RunRev for Linux pretty pronto.

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