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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Apr 24 17:07:12 EDT 2010

Jacque wrote:

 > Graham & Heather Harrison wrote:
 >> If tap-click is set without dragging (probably an unusual setting)
 >> then no combination of taps works for scrolling in rev.
 >> If tap-click is set with dragging (my usual setting) then single-tap
 >> does nothing in rev, double-tap works like a single-click.
 > Wow, you nailed it! Good on you, now we know. This will be really
 > helpful to know if it ever affects anyone else. I'm glad you were
 > so persistent.
 > It needs a bug report in the QCC. <> If you don't
 > want to do that, maybe Richard will. He's pretty good at it. :)

I've reported it here:

Thank you, Graham, for your excellent sleuthing on this.

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