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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Apr 24 10:04:23 EDT 2010

Graham wrote:

 > It appears that the problem lies between rev and the trackpad
 > of my 17" unibody MBP.
 > Because I am so used to tap-click, I didn't think to use
 > physical-click in rev. It turns out that single-physical-click
 > works at all times, irrespective of the trackpad setting. The
 > vanilla setting for trackpad is NO tap-click. When I started
 > the new installation I used physical-click without realising
 > the implications.
 > If tap-click is set without dragging (probably an unusual setting)
 > then no combination of taps works for scrolling in rev.
 > If tap-click is set with dragging (my usual setting) then single-tap
 > does nothing in rev, double-tap works like a single-click.
 > Can someone test rev scrolling on a laptop with tap facilities. If
 > it is not just my MBP then rev will need to look at this.

Confirmed here:  Finder and Firefox both respond to the first tap, but 
in Rev the first tap is lost in the scrollbars for both fields and 
groups, requiring either a second tap or a physical click instead.

I've noticed mixed behavior with tap vs click in other apps too, though 
offhand I can't recall what they are.  Do any of you have examples of 
taps and clicks being handled differently by other apps?

What's especially weird here is that I had previously thought that the 
tap triggered the same event record as is generated for a click when 
that option is turned on.

But since Rev and at least a few other apps treat some taps different 
than clicks, it would seem the event record or some other aspect of the 
communication between the OS and the app is indeed different for taps 
than clicks.

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